Breaking All the Rules


Comedy, Romance

Directed by James Orr
Cast: Carl Marotte, Thor Bishopric, Carolyn Dunn, Rachel Hayward


The last day of summer before school starts. One last magical opportunity to find an adventure to remember. Breaking all the Rules is set in an amusement park and begins when three robbers steal a diamond. When the police give chase, the hot rock is hidden inside a stuffed toy. Later, Jack, a park worker, and his pal David try their luck at picking up girls. They meet punkish Debbie and sidekick Angie, and whirlwind romances begin. While trying to impress the girls, one of the would-be romeos wins the booty-laden stuffed toy. When the crooks come to fetch their loot, our couples’ last day of summer becomes more than they bargained for.

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