Broken Vows


Drama, Mystery, Romance

Directed by Jud Taylor
Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Annette O’Toole, M. Emmett Walsh

When Father Joseph Hennessey visits the home of one of his parishioners to offer last rights, he becomes embroiled in a plot which ultimately shakes his faith to its very foundation. Intrigued by the dying man’s mention of “Nim,” and fascinated by the man’s saintly demeanor, Father Joseph’s curiosity is doubled when a beautiful young woman enters his church to question the young priest about the deceased man. Father Joseph and the woman, whom he discovers to be the “Nim” in question, embark on an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the man’s death. They discover that the man was clearly murdered, that he was a celebrated artist, that he had several aliases, and that his work was particularly revered by two shady gallery owners. However, more shocking than any of the revelations is the discovery that the young woman and Father Joseph are falling in love. Father Joseph’s commitment to his church has always been unwavering. He is now thrown into a crisis of faith, unwilling to compromise his vows of celibacy but unable to deny his attraction to Nim. The solving of the crime gives way to the rebirth of Father Joseph.

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