Comedy, Drama

Directed by Donald Shebib
Written by Terry Heffernan
Cast: Margot Kidder, Annie Potts, Robert Carradine, Winston Rekert


Margot Kidder and Annie Potts star in this buddy picture concerning two friends undergoing a series of misadventures in their love lives. Potts plays Bonnie Howard, the wife of Stanley (Robert Carradine), an immature child/man who irresponsibly spends most of his time racing cars and getting drunk. Bonnie is also pregnant, but the father of her unborn child is not Stanley. Rather than tell Stanley, she decides to leave him. As she heads for town to obtain an abortion, she runs into the foul-mouthed man-hunter Rita Harris (Margot Kidder). The two characters get involved in a number of vignettes, with the humor arising from the contrast between the streetwise Rita and the relatively innocent Bonnie.



1982 Genie Wins for:

-Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Margot Kidder)
-Best Performance by a Foreign Actress (Annie Potts)
-Best Original Screenplay (Terry Heffernan)

1982 Genie Nominations for:

-Best Motion Picture (David Patterson, Jerry Raibourn)
-Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Winston Rekert)
-Best Performance by a Foreign Actor (Robert Carradine)
-Achievement in Direction (Donald Shebib)
-Best Achievement in Cinematography (Vic Sarin)
-Best Achievement in Costume Design (Julie Ganton)
-Best Achievement in Overall Sound (Marcel Pothier, Paul Dion, Claude Langlois, Robin Leigh)
-Best Achievement in Sound Editing (Michel Descombes, Don Cohen)

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