The Lucky Star



Directed by Max Fischer
Written by Max Fischer
Cast: Rod Steiger, Louise Fletcher, Lou Jacobi and Isabelle Mejias


Set during WWII, this well-crafted, interesting drama directed by Max Fischer tells the tale of a 13-year-old Jewish boy living in Amsterdam. When young David has been separated from his parents –who’ve been taken prisoner by the Nazis and sent away to a concentration camp- our young hero is forced to seek shelter with a farm family in Rotterdam. David has always been entranced by American westerns, and when he’s presented with the opportunity to capture Colonel Gluck, an officer in the German army, David is inspired by his screen idols and takes matters into his own hands.



1981 Genie Awards for:

-Best Screenplay Adapted From Another Medium (Max Fischer)
-Best Music Score (Art Phillips)
-Best Achievement in Sound Editing (Jean-Guy Montpetit)

1981 Genie Nominations for:

-Best Motion Picture (André FleuryClaude Léger)
-Best Performance by a Foreign Actor (Rod Steiger)
-Best Performance by a Foreign Actor (Brett Marx)
-Best Performance by a Foreign Actress (Louise Fletcher)
-Best Achievement in Overall Sound (Patrick Rousseau, Michel Descombes)

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