Forbidden City


Drama, Action/Adventure

In Development

Produced by Pieter Kroonenburg, Don Miller, Alexander Fabrizi, Larry Jackson and Rick Morse
To Be Directed by Chuck Russell
Written by Don Ethan Miller, Stephen Becker (novel “The Last Mandarin”)


Plot Synopsis:

PEKING, 1949. Jack Burnham, former OSS officer, fluent in Chinese and steeped in the culture of Old China but disillusioned four years after the war’s end, accepts one final mission for the American government: to fly into Peking and capture a notorious Japanese war criminal – responsible for the infamous Rape of Nanking – and bring him to Tokyo for trial. But his time is short: he must find his quarry somewhere in the war torn city and get him to Japan before the  “Northern Capital” falls to Mao. And Burnham is also driven by a more personal agenda: to see his beloved China one last time, to find a woman he once loved…

Burnham’s hunt for Kanamori takes him through the complex layers of post-war Chinese society: from the rich Nationalist-allied warlords to the revolutionary students, organized beggars, decaying brothel-keepers and Taoist monks. With the clock ticking as Red Army troops approach Peking, Burnham fights for his life against an array of enemies who have other plans for Kanamori. As he begins to close in on his target, Burnham realizes that he’s been set up, by the very man he trusted the most: as a stalking horse, to lead others to a priceless treasure in Chinese art, plundered by the Japanese at war’s end.

Burnham’s only allies are Sea Hammer, his piratical old comrade from the campaign in Manchuria; and Feng, an embittered, soulful young rickshaw driver. Hao Lan, a brilliant, beautiful young London-educated doctor who runs the Beggar’s Hospital, falls for Burnham almost as deeply as he does for her, with the intensity found only in the midst of war and revolution.

The story moves to a shocking climax, as Kanamori’s identity is finally revealed and Burnham discovers that his treasure is key to a vast conspiracy that will empower the same forces the US and its World War II Allies have only just defeated.

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