Thriller, Action/Adventure

In Development

Produced by Pieter Kroonenburg and Julie Allan
Written by
 John Lemberger and Sam Hensen


Plot Synopsis:

The story is set in Pakistan in the summer of 2012 after the resolution of the Afghan border dispute reopened the lines of transportation between those two countries.  A driver and his nephew are hired to deliver a NATO fuel tanker from Karachi to a FOB outside of Kandahar in Afghanistan.  Because of the increase of violence in the region since the border shutdown the company also hires a small group of former US soldiers to accompany the tanker and defend its cargo at any cost, even at the expense of the lives of its drivers.  This creates tension between the two groups as the tanker driver soon realizes he and his nephew are expendable assists in the eyes of the company who hired them.  But traveling the most dangerous roads in the world marked for death is no easy task, and the men must come to realize their only hope is to trust in each other.  But even that may not be enough in a world where death is always just down the road.  From the harbors of Karachi, across the flood plains of southern Pakistan, into Afghanistan and the city of Kandahar.  Their journey is one of hair-raising exploits where the stakes could not be higher.  Inspired by actual events and the classic film  Le Salaire de la peur.

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