Sea Shepherd One


Drama, Action/Adventure

In Development

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Plot Synopsis:

A harpooner takes deadly aim at a Whale who is swimming for his life. Suddenly, a Zodiac speeds up between the outlaw whaling ship Sierra and the whale, as the young rebel, Paul Watson, (early 30’s) makes himself a human target. Will the harpooner dare fire? He does, and Paul jumps out of the way just in time. The harpoon, with an explosive head, smashes into the gentle creature and explodes. Paul looks into the eye of the dying whale and makes a vow. He will avenge his death, no matter what it takes.

Paul swears to sink the Sierra – one of the most vicious whaling ships of all. She sails back and forth across the oceans, killing endangered Whales for her Japanese masters. At the next meeting, his fellow Greenpeace board members veto his idea. They instead decide to save baby seals in Newfoundland where Paul lands himself in jail. His crime? Destroying ‘private property’ by breaking the deadly weapon of a Sealer who is killing these innocent creatures. Paul is finally voted out of Greenpeace for being too ‘radical’. Frustrated and disappointed, he sets out on his own to actively stop the killing and the ‘Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’ is born.

What follows are a series of hair-raising events on the high seas as Paul fights against the odds to keep his vow to hunt down and destroy the pirate whaler Sierra.

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