Willie the Squouse

Fantasy, Family


Produced by  Ted Pictures
To be Directed by  Larry Guterman
Written by  Bronwen Booth, based on the book by Ted Allan


Plot Synopsis: 

It does not happen often, but once in a while a creature like Willie the Squouse comes along.  His father a squirrel, his mother a mouse, Willie was wildly talented: humming Alouette and dancing a jig was just the beginning of what Joe, the animal trainer, taught Willie to do.  But Joe’s  agent said he just wasn’t box office, so Joe and Willie were separated and Willie was forced to settle down between the shared wall of the loutish Smiths and the thrifty Pickerings.   He knew nothing of stockbrokers’ hundred dollar bills and savings – only that the strong smell of cheese from the Smiths’ kitchen was much too tempting and he had to stop it somehow. If Willie had only known what tricks he continued to perform as he blocked the hole in the Smiths’ kitchen wall with the crisp pieces of paper he found near the Pickerings’ stove!


Press for the book:

“The acid test of the best writing for children is, of course, that it should also exercise its magic on the adult.  Ted Allan’s brilliantly inventive parable does just this…  The story is in for a very long run indeed.” – The London Times

“A rousing cheer for the Squouse!”  – The New York Times

“A festival of fun.” –  Publishers’ Weekly

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