Bronwen Booth – Executive in Charge of Creative Affairs & Development

BronwenSliderBronwen was born in London, England.  Her father and mother were both actors, so it is not surprising  Bronwen followed in their footsteps.  With a Canadian grandfather (writer Ted Allan), an American/Canadian mother, and British father, Bronwen has the best of all worlds:  She can work in all three countries!

She moved to the U.S. as a child and after graduating from Beverly Hills High School, where she participated in many theatrical performances, she went on to Boston University’s Theatre Department.

After leaving BU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Bronwen moved to New York City where she trained with Wynn Handman, artistic director and founder of the acclaimed American Place Theatre, where she studied acting as well as playwriting.

Bronwen has worked professionally as an actress in Los Angeles, Montreal, and New York, where she now resides.   She honed her craft by spending two years on ‘One Life to Live,’ then went on to more serious fare.  Some of her favorite projects were leading roles shot in Montreal including the CBS miniseries “Jackie: A Life,” the TNT original movie “Glory and Honor,” filmed in Baffin Island, “Kayla,” a 1920’s tale about a boy and his dog, and most recently “A Near Death Experience” for Lifetime Network.

When she decided her dream was to work behind the camera, she landed a job as Executive in Charge of Creative Affairs and Development at Kingsborough Pictures. She has worked on various projects including “Hemoglobin,” “For Hire,” “To Walk With Lions,” and most recently “The Prince Of Cool.”

Currently, Bronwen’s vision of taking her Grandfather’s children’s book, “Willie the Squouse” and bringing it to the big screen has begun to materialize.  She has written the screenplay adaptation of the book, which Kingsborough will produce.

Growing up with ‘Willie,’ as well as her grandfather’s award-winning film, “Lies My Father Told Me,” and having spent many years in Montreal, the city of his birth and childhood, it seemed like the perfect fit.  With the recent innovations in computer animation, she is overjoyed this classic will soon be seen by a whole new audience.


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