Pieter Kroonenburg – President/Producer


Producer Pieter Kroonenburg, co-owner of Kingsborough Pictures, Inc. has enjoyed considerable success in the film business worldwide. He is currently based in Los Angeles and Montreal.

Fluent in Dutch, French and English, and fresh out of the Amsterdam Film Academy, Pieter became Joseph Losey’s assistant on Modesty Blaise in Amsterdam and Sicily. He was then hired to reorganize and run the production company, Film Group One, in Amsterdam and produced TV commercials and documentaries. He went on to Rome and became Production Manager on a series of Italian westerns.

In Paris, as J. Walter Thompson’s Vice President and Head of TV Production, Pieter produced some of the best TV commercials to come out of Europe, working with leading directors like Hugh Hudson, Alan Parker, Adrian Lyne, and Tony and Ridley Scott. He left advertising to produce Girls in Paris and The Lucky Star (starring Rod Steiger and Louise Fletcher – 3 Genies and 11 Genie nominations {Canada’s Oscar}) in Montreal. Pieter stayed in Canada to create his own Filmline Productions, which later became Filmline International, one of the largest production companies in the country. Filmline’s TV credits include Cook and Peary: Race to the Pole (Rod Steiger and Richard Chamberlain), Broken Vows (Tommy Lee Jones), Spearfield’s Daughter (Christopher Plummer), Choices, Barnum (Burt Lancaster), and Ford: The Man and the Machine (Cliff Robertson). After this Pieter produced Bethune: The Making of a Hero, a four-hour mini-series for the CBC (starring Donald Sutherland – 5 Gemini nominations) and The Sound and the Silence (George C. Scott), a four-hour mini-series for TNT.

Pieter’s film producing credits for Filmline include: The Hotel New Hampshire (Jodie Foster and Beau Bridges), Heartaches (Annie Potts – 3 Genies and 7 nominations), Cross Country, Breaking All the Rules, The Blue Man (First prize Avoriaz Film Festival), Toby McTeague, Wild Thing, Le Palanquin des Larmes, and the feature film Dr Bethune (Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren), the first co-production of a western country with China.

Since 1996, Pieter has produced for Kingsborough Greenlight Pictures: The Call of the Wild (Rutger Hauer), Hemoglobin, Habitat (Balthazar Getty), For Hire (Rob Lowe and Joe Montegna), Laserhawk, Nico The Unicorn (Anne Archer), Owd Bob (James Cromwell and Colm Meany -Saskatchewan UNICEF Award of Honor), Out Of Control (Tom Conti and Sean Young),Treasure Island (Jack Palance -the Flagstaff International Film Festival GOLD AWARD), To Walk With Lions (Richard Harris and Ian Bannen – London, England, Royal Premiere – Five Genie nominations, one for Best Picture, and The American Environmental Media Award). He also produced The Intruder (Nastassja Kinski and John Hannah), Hide and Seek (Jennifer Tilly and Daryl Hannah), My Five Wives, and Deceit (Debbi Mazar), and Hollywood Flies, a Canadian/Italian co-production for GFT Kingsborough Films.

In pre-production for Pieter: The Prince of Cool, the story of jazz legend, singer and trumpet player Chet Baker. Forbidden City, an action/adventure film set in China in 1949, two weeks before Mao’s army reaches the city of Beijing. Angel, a family picture based on the true story of Wilma, an orphan beluga whale who changes the fate of an impoverished fishing village. Also in pre-production for Pieter is Willie The Squouse, a live action adaptation of the award winning book by Ted Allan, about an adorable creature -half mouse, half squirrel- who unwittingly changes people’s lives.

In development: The Cancer Conspiracy, a film about a small group of people filing a class action law suit against the FDA, claiming that the Medical Establishment’s monopoly refuses to consider effective alternative treatments. Treason: Ace WWII fighter pilot Captain Chris Alexander is flying over Hiroshima when he realizes what the bomb he is supposed to drop will do to innocent civilians. He refuses to obey orders. Cara Al Sol (My Face To The Sun) is a political thriller that takes place in Havana in 1961 in the days leading up to the Bay of Pigs invasion.  Sea Shepherd, tells the story of Greenpeace co-founder Paul Watson who broke from the organization in order to take to the high seas to hunt and sink illegal whaling ships around the world.  Pardes, a story based on the real lives of Pakistani truck drivers contracted by NATO to drive their goods across the most dangerous roads in the world.  As the violence reaches an escalating peak the transport company hires on a private security detail of ex-US military to protect the convoy, and together they must race across Pakistan in a fight for survival.  Spanish Moon is the true story of Ted Allan, a young Canadian reporter in Spain at the time of the Spanish Civil War, who falls in love with Gerda Taro, girlfriend to the famous war photographer Frank Capa.  Caper, an adaptation of the novel by Lawrence Sanders, tells the story of a writer who, in an effort to make her books seem more realistic and increase her sales, organizes a fake heist with the help of real life criminals.  But to her surprise the crew is on to her and forces her at gunpoint to go through with the heist, and that’s when things start becoming far too real.

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