The Beluga Whale

In anticipation of our upcoming film Harmony we thought it might be time for you to catch up on your knowledge of these fascinating and beautiful creatures by checking out some of these links.  Or if you’re more of a visual person (i.e. don’t like to read) check out this video:


Marine Bio has all the basic info you could ever want about the Beluga Whale and their site also includes some internal links that can be helpful if you still want to learn more…

Also check the current conservation status by going to the ICUN Red List, but you don’t just have to check out the Beluga Whales.  You can learn about every species on the planet!  Go on.  Regale yourself with knowledge…

Did you like the video above?  Did you even watch it?  Go back and check it out, then follow this link to learn more about the PBS documentary…


Thoughts?  Just want to tell us how much you love whales, or how awesome we are?  Maybe both?  Leave us a comment or share some links of your own, and we’ll be sure to check them out.

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